Tuesday October 8, 08:00 - 11:30

Main Room 4

Chair: Ernesto BARRERA, Strategic Theme A Coordinator, Chile

These sessions will provide participants with an opportunity to examine and discuss future challenges and road policy directions from a more political and strategic perspective.
These sessions are prepared by the Strategic Theme Coordinators of the World Road Association based on national reports prepared by member countries.


• Ernesto BARRERA

National Reports - Part A

Road development in Russia – financial schemes and tools
• Mr. Innokentiy ALAFINOV, First Deputy Minister of Transport, Ministry of Transport, Russian Federation

Road development in China – financial schemes and tools
• Mr. Weng MENGYONG, President of CHTS, China

Lessons learned on road financing based on Spanish experience
• Mr. José Manuel BLANCO, President PIARC TC A1, Ministry of Development, Spain

• Mr. Étienne WILLAME, First Delegate of Belgium, President of the Belgian National Committee

Questions and Answers

Break 09:30- 10:00

National Reports - Part B

Overview of the Federal-Aid Highway Program (FAHP)
• Ms Leslie Wright, FHWA, USA  

Road financing in Switzerland with special focus on the Federal level
• Mr. Christian KELLERHALS, Roads Federal Bureau, Switzerland

Road development in India – financial schemes and tools
• Mr. S.K. NIRMAL, Secretary General, Indian Road Congress, India

Questions and Answers


• Mr. Ernesto BARRERA, Strategic Theme A Coordinator, Chile