Oct. 7, Monday. 14:00-17:30

Capital Suite 7

Chair: Ms Véronique FEYPELL de la BEAUMELLE, ITF/OECD, France

The workshops are an integral part of the Congress programme. They take place in parallel with the sessions. They are more interactive than the sessions and are more practical. There is no simultaneous translation.

Welcome and objectives of the meeting

• Ms. Véronique FEYPELL de la BEAUMELLE

Session 1

• Moderated by Ms. Ana Sofia CÔRTE-REAL DE MATOS TOMAZ, Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária, Portugal

Overview of the Road Safety Manual, past evolution, perspectives and technical kick-off of the workshop
• Mr. John MILTON, WSDOT, United State of America

Designing new and upgraded roads to meet UN Target 3 and 4
• Mr. Rob MCINERNEY, CEO iRAP, United Kingdom

Open discussion and debate on Policies and Targets for Safer Roads: Safe System, Data Management and Road Safety Targets (reference to Chapters 4-6 of the PIARC Road Safety Manual)

Break 15:30- 16:00

Session 2

• Moderated by Ms. Malika SEDDI, ASFA, France

Road Safety Manuals for Africa
• Dr. Girma BEZABEH, African Development Bank

Motorcycle countermeasures in Indonesia
• Mr. Tri TJAHJONO, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Institute of Traffic Engineers Road Safety Professional Certification (PIARC RSM Required Reference)
• Mr. John MILTON

3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety – Sweden Ministerial Announcement
• Mr. Mattias LANDGREN, Swedish Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Sweden

Open discussion and debate on Policies and Targets for Safer Roads: management roles and designing for road user characteristics (reference to Chapters 7-8 of the PIARC Road Safety Manual)


• Moderated by Mr. Roberto ARDITI, Chair of PIARC TC C.1, SINA, Italy

Road Safety Manual: a tool to serve UN targets
• Mr. Jean-François CORTÉ, PIARC Strategic Theme Coordinator-Safety, France

* Panelists

The following experts (in alphabetical order) are announced to contribute to animate open discussions

• Leonardo ANNESE (Italy), Laurent CARNIS (France), Ruggero CECI (Sweden), Lorenzo DOMENICHINI (Italy), Kirsten GRAF-LANDMANN (Germany), Javad HEDAYATI (Iran), Imelda JULIES (South Africa), Patrick MALLÉJACQ (PIARC), Dorota MARZYŃSKA-KOTAS (Poland), Przemysław PADŁO (Poland), Lianfu SHI (China)