Oct. 10, Thursday. 08:00-11:30

Capital Suite 7

Chair: Ms Véronica RAFFO, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, World Bank

The workshops are an integral part of the Congress programme. They take place in parallel with the sessions. They are more interactive than the sessions and are more practical. There is no simultaneous translation.

Welcome and Introduction

Introductory reports

Session 1

Concept of a regional road safety observatory
• Ms Véronique FEYPELL, International Transport Forum

Main achievements of the Ibero American Road Safety Observatory, OISEVI
• Ms Véronica RAFFO

The launch of the African Road Safety Observatory
• Mr. Benacer BOULAAJOUL, CNPAC, Morocco
• Ms Tawia ADDO ASHONG, World Bank

Development of an Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory
• Mr. James LEATHER, Asian Development Bank

Break 09:30- 10:00

Session 2

Panel discussion on observatories
• All participants

Importance of evidence-based road safety measures supported by tools for data collection and analysis: the World Bank’s Data for Road Incident Visualization, Evaluation and Reporting (DRIVER) system
• Ms Alina BURLACU, World Bank

Panel discussion on data needs
• All participants