Oct. 10, Thursday. 08:00-11:30

Capital Suite 5

Chair: Mr. Jean-François CORTÉ, Task Forces Facilitator, France

This workshop will be held in French, without interpretation. It will present PIARC's work in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa.

Part 1

Opening of the workshop

• Mr. Robin SÉBILLE, PIARC Deputy Secretary General

• Mr. Stanislas BÉRÉ, President, AGEPAR

Introduction to the workshop on pavement design
• Mr. Jean-François CORTÉ

Recommendations from the review of the 1984 edition of the Practical Guide to Pavement Design for Tropical Countries
• Dr. Paulin KOUASSI, President of PIARC National Committee/AGEPAR, Côte d'Ivoire

Senegal's approach to establishing a new national catalogue for the design of new pavement structures
• Mr. Serigne SAM SAMB, AGEROUTE, Sénégal

Methodological document for the establishment of a national catalogue of new pavement structures and a design guide
• Mr. Jean-François CORTÉ

Questions and Answers

Break 09:30- 10:00

Part 2

Introduction to the workshop on geometric and structural design standards for transafrican highways
• Mr. Stanislas BÉRÉ, President, AGEPAR

History of transafrican highways, and AGEPAR's involvement in related activities
• Mr. Joseph AHISSOU, Member of the working group, Benin

Results of the working group
• Mr. Francis HAPPI, Member of the working group, Cameroon

Intergovernmental agreement on norms and standards for the transafrican highway network
• Mr. Cheikh BEDDA, Director of the Infrastructure and Energy Department, African Union Commission