Oct. 9, Wednesday. 14:00-17:30

Conference Room E

Chair: Mr. Martin RUESCH, Chair of PIARC TC B.4, Switzerland

During these technical sessions, each of the Technical Committees and Task Forces will present their achievements over the current work cycle (2016-2019). Some papers from the international call will also be presented by their authors.


• Mr. Martin RUESCH

Part I: National Policies for Multi-Modal Freight Transport and Logistics

Challenges and opportunities for multi-modal freight transport and logistics
• Mrs. Tiffany JULIEN, Member of PIARC TC B.4, United States

Multi-modal aspects of the freight policy of the United Arabien Emirates
• Mr. Jonathan JAMES, Secretary of PIARC TC B.4, United Arabien Emirates

National logistics and freight master plan of Austria
• Mr. Patrick GRASSL, Member of PIARC TC B.4, Austria

National strategies for more efficient and greener freight transport in Norway
• Mrs. Else-Marie MARSKAR, Member of PIARC TC B.4, Norway

Questions and Answers / Round table discussion with speakers

Break 15:30- 16:00

Part II: Efficient and Sustainable Truck Management on Highways

Challenges and innovative opportunities for intelligent truck management
• Mr. Eiichi TANIGUCHI, Member of TC B.4, Japan

Intelligent controlled compact parking - pilot implementation of a new parking management for trucks
• Mr. Jens DIERKE, Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), Germany

Statistical traffic analyses of trucks use left lanes restriction on the M1 Motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast
• Mr. Cameron MESSER, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), Australia

Innovative truck management on highways
• Mr. Bernard JACOB, Secretary of TC B.4, France

Questions and Answers / Round table discussion with speakers


• Mr. Martin RUESCH