Oct. 9, Wed. 14:00-17:30

Conference Room D

Chair: Dr. Alberto MENDOZA, Spanish speaking secretary TC C2, Mexico

During these technical sessions, each of the Technical Committees and Task Forces will present their achievements over the current work cycle (2016-2019). Some papers from the international call will also be presented by their authors.


• Dr. Alberto MENDOZA

Introduction to the Deliverables of TC C.2

Challenges of Motorcycle Safety
• Dr. Mathias WÄRNHJELM, Member TC C2, Sweden

Experience of Capacity Building in LMICs
• Dr. Mathias WÄRNHJELM, Member TC C2, Sweden

Surface Properties, Design and Maintenance of Infrastructure for Pedestrians and Cyclists
• Mr. Per ANDERSSON, Member TC C2, Sweden

Setting Credible Speed Limits
• Mr. Andrea PALIOTTO, University of Florence, Italy

Human Factors in Road Safety Evaluation
• Dr. Sibylle BIRTH, Member TC C2, Germany

Review of International Road Safety Audit Guidelines
• Mr. John BARREL, Member TC C2, UK

Compilation of Case Studies Related to Vulnerable Road Users, Human Factors and LMIC
• Professor Dr. Lorenzo DOMENICHINI, Member TC C2, Italy

Questions and Answers

Barriers to Effective Road Safety Audit / Presentations from Call for Papers

Chair: Matthieu Holland, French speaking secretary TC C.2, France

Efforts in Mexico to Implement a Road Safety Audit System
• Dr. Alberto MENDOZA, Member TC C2 & Ms. Maria CADENGO, Mexican Transport Institute, Mexico

Multifactorial Model for Identifying Driver Distraction and the Role of Cognitive and Visual Abilities for Road Safety Practices.
• Mr. Salim KEFFANE, University Setif 2, Algeria

Proposal for a Road Safety Approach, Project for the Algerian Road Network
• Mr. Pascal ROSSIGNY, Cerema, France

Questions and Answers