Oct. 8, Tuesday. 08:00-11:30

Conference Room F

Chair: Mr. Seung-Hwan HAN, Chair of PIARC TC D.2, South Korea

During these technical sessions, each of the Technical Committees and Task Forces will present their achievements over the current work cycle (2016-2019).


Activities and outcomes of TC D.2
• Mr. Seung-Hwan HAN

Green Paving Solutions

Green paving solutions and sustainable pavement materials -State of the art
• Ms. Gina AHLSTROM, WG Leader of PIARC TC D.2, USA

Policy of green paving solutions around the world -results of survey
• Mr. Johan MAECK, WG Leader of PIARC TC D.2, Belgium

Green Paving solutions -The importance of asphalt workmanship
• Mr. Joralf AURSTAD, Member of PIARC TC D.2, Norway

Sustitution of asphalt with waste expanded polystyrene
• Mr. Eloly PARRA MELGAR, University of Queretaro, Mexico

Which strategy of road pavement resurfacing for a sustainable development? A case study on a French highway section
• Ms. Anne DE BORTOLI, Ponts ParisTech engineering school, University of Paris-East, France

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Low Cost Pavement Systems

Low cost pavement systems -State of the art-
• Mr. Venkat LAKKAVALI, WG Leader of PIARC TC D.2, Canada

Break 09:30- 10:00

Low Cost Pavement Systems (continued)

Roller compacted concrete pavement -Case study-
• Mr. Cheolwoo PARK, WG Leader of PIARC TC D.2, South Korea

Use of concrete block pavers
• Mr. Zsolt BOROS, Member of TC D.2 PIARC, Slovak Republic

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Road Condition Monitoring

Road condition monitoring -State of the art-
• Mr. Margo BRIESSINCK, WG Leader of TC D.2 PIARC, Belgium

Moving weight deflctometer in Japan -Case study-
• Mr. Keizo KAMIYA, Member of PIARC TC D.2, Japan

Road condition monitoring with 360° images -Case study-
• Mr. Mehis LEIGRI, Member of PIARC TC D.2, Estonia

Opportutinies and challenges with Automation in road construction and condition monitoring in England
• Mr. Iswandaru WIDYATMOKO, AECOM, United Kingdom

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• Mr. Seung-Hwan HAN