Oct. 9, Wednesday 14:00-17:30

Conference Room A

Chair: Ms. Caroline EVANS, Australia / Mr. Jürgen KRIEGER, Chair of PIARC TC E.1, Germany

During these technical sessions, each of the Technical Committees and Task Forces will present their achievements over the current work cycle (2016-2019). Some papers from the international call will also be presented by their authors.


• Mr. Jürgen KRIEGER

Accomplishments of Working Groups

Analysis and Categorization of Climate Change Adaptation Case Studies
• Ms. Beata KRIEGER, Member of PIARC TC E.1, Germany

Adaptation methodologies and strategies to increase the resilience of roads to climate change – Case Study Approach
• Ms. Caroline EVANS, Member of PIARC TC E.1, Australia
• Mr. Fabien PALHOL, Member of PIARC TC E.1, France

Refinement of PIARC’s International Climate Change Adaptation Framework for Road Infrastructure
• Ms. Gordana PETKOVIC, Member of PIARC TC E.1, Norway
• Mr. Fernando MENDOZA, Member of PIARC TC E.1, Mexico

Methodological Framework for Adapting Road Infrastructure to Climate Change in Mexico
• Mr. Fernando MENDOZA, Member of PIARC TC E.1, Mexico

Questions and Answers

Break 15:30-16:00

Frameworks and methodological approaches for climate change adaptation of roads

A conceptual framework for understanding adaptation planning of urban road infrastructure
• J.S. CAÑAVERA HERRERA, S. HAIGH & K. MACASKILL, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
• A. MONCASTER, School of Engineering and Innovation, The Open University, United Kingdom

Adaptation of Roads Standards, Guidelines and Regulations to Climate Change
• M. COLIN, F. PALHOL, Direction Technique Infrastructure de Transport et Matériaux, Cerema, France

Optimization of the Respond and Recovery Process within a holistic resilient management
• K. ANASTASSIADOU, Federal Highway Research Institute, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
• M. DEUBLEIN, F. ROTH, EBP Schweiz AG, Zollikon, Switzerland

Embedment of climatic effects in the road asset management process
• M. ROUX, B. VERHAEGHE, J. MARITZ, K. ARNOLD & A. LE ROUX Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa
• P. PAIGE-GREEN, Paige-Green Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

Questions and Answers


• Ms. Caroline EVANS, Australia / Mr. Jürgen KRIEGER, Germany