Oct. 8, Tuesday. 08:00-11:30

Conference Room A

Chair: Mr. Keiichi TAMURA, Chair of PIARC TC E.3, Japan

During these technical sessions, each of the Technical Committees and Task Forces will present their achievements over the current work cycle (2016-2019). Some papers from the international call will also be presented by their authors.


• Mr. Keiichi TAMURA

Accomplishments of TC E.3

Disaster Information Management for Road Users and Road Administrators
• Mr. James ELLIOTT, Member of PIARC TC E.3, UK

Disaster Management and Recovery Techniques for Road Administrators
• Mr. Herby LISSADE, Member of PIARC TC E.3, USA

Risk and Disaster Management Manual
• Mr. Takumi UNO, Member of PIARC TC E.3, Japan

Coordination and Cooperation in Disaster Management
• Mr. Hiroaki MIYATAKE, Member of PIARC TC E.3, Japan

Questions and Answers

Break 09:30- 10:00

Road Infrastructure Resilience and Disaster Management

Emergency Communications at the Forth Bridges
• Mr. Chris WAITE, Forth Bridges Unit, Amey, UK

Progressing Road Infrastructure Resilience from Different Institutional Development Perspectives
• Mr. Thomas BLES, Department of Resilient Networks, Deltares, the Netherlands

Building Disaster Resilient Mountain Roads Using Bio-Engineering Techniques
• Mr. Indu DHAKAL, Department of Roads, Nepal

Road Infrastructure Resilience to Man-Provoked Disasters, Carrizo Bridge: Fire and Functionality Recover
• Mr. Martin AGUILAR CERVANTES, Freyssinet of Mexico, Mexico

Questions and Answers


• Mr. Keiichi TAMURA